Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix will receive its world premiere in Tokyo, Japan on June 28.

Japanese audiences will get to see the fifth installment in the franchise before the rest of the world, including the UK, which traditionally hosts the premieres. The Japan screening will be followed by the London premiere on July 3 and the Hollywood premiere on July 8.

The gala event will take place at Roppongi Hills Toho Cinemas, with a separate audience event for 900 fans drawn by lottery in the complex's Roppongi Hills Arena. Star Daniel Radcliffe is scheduled to attend as part of a four-day press junket (June 27-30) to promote the film.

The Harry Potter franchise is the only Hollywood series released in Japan with each film earning over $85m (Y10bn). However, each successive sequel has earned less, decreasing to just over half of the original film's take of $171.26m (Y20.3bn). Late 2005's Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire earned a total of $97m (Y11.5bn). Warner Bros hopes the lavish Japan premiere will give the series a boost.

The first four films have earned a combined total of $523.85m (Y62.1bn) in Japan. Warner Bros is aiming for a $845m (Y100bn) grand total by the time the entire seven film series has been released.

The event follows the recent world premiere of Spider-Man 3 on April 16 at the same venue. Japan is increasingly regarded as the most important international territory for franchises such as Spider-Man, Harry Potter and Pirates Of The Caribbean. Spider-Man 3 will open theatrically in Japan on May 1, three days before the US (May 4) and earlier than any other territory. It will then open in mainland China on May 2, two days ahead of its US release.

Despite the world premiere, Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix opens theatrically in Japan more than a week after the rest of the world on July 21.