The Princess And The Warrior, German director Tom Tykwer's follow-up to Run Lola Run, is expected to be one of the highlights of January's Brussels International Film Festival.

The film is to screen as part of a showcase of work from new German directors of the 1990s, which has been organised with German cultural body the Goethe Institut. Other film-makers in the frame include Yilmaz Arslan, Oskar Rohler and Petra Katharina Wagner.

Adding to the Euro film-making talent on display in Brussels are titles screening in the event's European Cinema Competition. Slated for the section are films such as Paul Pawlikowsky's Last Resort, Maria de Medeiros' Captains Of April and Nicolas Klotz's Paria.

German heavyweight director Volker Schloendorff is expected to be in town for a tribute. Films screening in the homage include his recent work, The Legends Of Rita. The festival runs from January 18 to 27.