It was no surprise that 20th CenturyFox's The Day After Tomorrow swept across the box office landscape thisweekend as it saw the biggest ever simultaneous release for a non-sequel.

The film seized a colossal52% of the weekend's international gross and combined with Troy to net77% of all receipts. If the UK's Monday May 31 figures for Harry Potter AndThe Prisoner Of Azkaban (see separate story) are any indication of theanticipation for the Warner title, however, then the international chart couldeasily see a new champ next weekend.

Second place, and only down43% - a good result given the new competitor - was Warner Bros' Troy.Already at $225.6m Wolfgang Petersen's epic is far-outperforming its NorthAmerica gross internationally.

Despite playing in thirdUIP's Van Helsing is fading fast and slipped another 58% this weekend.The $131.3m international tally pales next to Troy's total and with furtherknocks to be expected from Prisoner Of Azkaban and other approachingblockbusters the film may have to wait until its September Japanese release tosecure a gross much north of $150m.

Meanwhile the highest newentry was Bollywood title Hum Tum (You & Us) boosted by strongperformances in India, the UK, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa.

Dubai proved particularlystrong taking $142,658 (Dirham 523,984) from eight screens. The UK claimed$241,727 (£131,741 from 23 locations.

A strong second weekend inItaly, slipping a mere 10%, ensured The Motorcycle Diaries a secondconsecutive week at number eight in the international chart.

French comedy MariageMixte launched in France through Quinta Communications and landed 24th placeinternationally. MGI International handle international sales.

A rare sight at 29 was theentry of a title from the Philippines. Romantic drama All My Life claimed$494,000 in the Philippines and was strong enough to make the international top30, thanks in no small part to the dominant two titles significantly hittingother US titles.

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