Three new features have been greenlit through Film London’s microbudget Microwave scheme, which is run in partnership with BBC Films and Skillset.

Three new microbudget features have been greenlit from almost 100 applications and following a four day intensive training programme and four month development period.

They are:

Kingsland, written and directed by Tony Grisoni, (Red Riding trilogy), and produced by Mike Elliott, set in London’s hidden Kurdish community.

Lilting, written and directed by Hong Khaou and produced by Dominic Buchanan which explores falling in love without a common language.

Seekers, written by Arinze Kene (who also stars in another Microwave project Freestyle), directed by Nicole Volavka and produced by Rob Watson, a thriller set in the world of London’s illegal immigrant underclass.

Meanwhile Ben Drew (aka Plan B)’s debut feature iLL Manors, another Microwave project, premieres in the market at Cannes this weekend.

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