Following in the footstepsof a startlingly simple online marketing scheme launched this year,two UK screenwriters are raising funds online to develop theirfeature films.

Screenwriters Talia Channon and Lee Curle of Lucre Films have launched, asite based on the successful Million Dollar Homepage, developed by 21-year-old UK student Alex Tew. Individuals and businesses pay $1 per pixel (sold in100-pixel blocks) to advertise themselves on the website for five years, andLucre Films keeps the funds.

The site hasthe potential to raise $1m.

Michel Shane and AnthonyRomano, who previously served asexecutive producers on Catch Me if YouCan and I, Robot, are attached toproduce Lucre's romantic comedy Too Good To Be True. The script is completed and is currentlybeing sent to potential directors.

Too Good ToBe True isabout an Englishman working on a New York magazine who has to returnto his homeland to report on the social season and unexpectedly finds love. Nocasting decisions have been made for the project yet. Channontold ScreenDaily that the film's production budgetwas expected to be around $15 million and that there was already interest froma UK distributor.

Buyers of pixel blocks onthe PixelYourShops site so far include a fashionphotographer and a water technology business.