Senator International has soldout Ghost House Pictures' The Grudge,a remake of the hit Japanese horror thriller Ju-On, in all major territories following deals with UIPfor the UK, Constantin for Germany, Metropolitan for France and VillageRoadshow for Australia.

The project began shooting inTokyo in January and is being directed by Takashi Shimizu, who also directedJu-On.

Ghost House's Sam Raimiand Rob Tapert are producing with Taka Ringu, whose credits include therenowned Japanese horror hit, Ringu.

The story centres on a lethalcurse that passes like a virus among its victims and kills them in the grip ofa powerful rage.

Columbia Pictures will releasethe picture in the US in autumn. Previous international sales include Planetain Spain, I Vision in South Korea, Nippon Herald in Japan, Europa for LatinAmerica.

Senator has also sold keyterritories on Ghost House's Boogeyman, with UK rights going to UIP and Nippon Herald buying for Japan.

The picture was directed byStephen T Kay and stars Barry Watson and Emily Deschanel. It recently shot inNew Zealand and will open in the US through Screen Gems later this year.

The story focuses on atraumatised young man who returns to his childhood home to confront aterrifying source of evil.