Spain's 31st annual Huesca Film Festival closed Saturday night with three-minute dialogue-free Topeka taking the top prize and the various short film competition juries coinciding on many of the other main awards.

Basque native Asier Altuna won the international jury's top prize, worth Euros 6,000, for his three-minute dialogue-free Topeka.

France's Philippe Orreindy won the special international jury prize and a special mention from the critic's jury for his bittersweet four-minute J'Attendrai Le Suivant.

Slovenia's Stefan Arsenijevic won the Euros 3,000 silver award from the international jury for his war-set (A)Torzija, and also took home the critic's jury's top prize. The international jury gave its 'defence of human rights' award to Hubert Gillet's foster care tale Lune.

Antychryst, a brutal 28-minute tale of four mutually-dependent boys from Poland's Adam Guzinski, won the youth jury's top Euros 3,000 prize. It also took home special mentions from both the international and critic's juries, as did Virgil Widrich's Fast Film, a fast-paced collage of classic film footage. Russia's Dmitry Zawilgelskiy won the final special mention of the international jury for documentary short Na Kromke Bytia.

The Iberoamerican jury prizes conceded earlier in the week went to: top prize to Mexico's Entre Dos, AECI award to Brazil's Baseado Em Estorias Reais, Jinete Iberico award to Spain's Palos De Ciego Amor, the Jameson award to Spain's El Balancin De Ivan, the Story Film prize to Spanish-German Simones Labyrinth, Casa de America prize to Uruguay's Perro Perdido, and special mentions to Spain's Topeka and Mexico's Nadie Regresa Por Tercera Vez.