The 27th Toronto International Film Festival has announced another slew of world premieres, including titles from such leading filmmakers as Joel Schumacher, Neil Jordan, Robert Duvall, Phillip Noyce, Jim Sheridan and Paul Schrader .

At the final press conference before the festival rolls Sept. 5, programming director Piers Handling and managing director Michele Maheux unveiled a raft of new titles and also announced a significant new prize, the $12,700 (C$20,000) IFC Visions Award.

Amongst the English-language films which promise a memorable vintage are:

* Schumacher's Phone Booth is an action picture about one man's life-changing phone call, starring his Tigerland star Colin Farrell The film was apparently held back so that the Irish actor's star could rise with Minority Report.
* Duvall's Assassination Tango tells the story of a hitman who leads a double life in the Buenos Aires tango scene.
* Neil Jordan's The Good Thief stars Nick Nolte in a modern remake of the French noir classic Bob Le Flambeur.
* Noyce's The Quiet American, with a screenplay by Christopher Hampton based on the novel by Graham Greene, features Michael Caine and Brendan Fraser in a story that presages the Vietnam conflict.
* Sheridan's In America (working title) features Samantha Morton and Paddy Considine as Irish immigrants starting from scratch in a new world.
* Schrader's Auto Focus features Greg Kinnear in a biopic chronicling the rise to fame and downward spiral of Hogan's Heroes" actor Bob Crane

Non-English language world premieres announced include:

* Danielle Thompson's Jet Lag, starring Juliette Binoche and Jean Reno as two unlikely partners who meet each other in an airport
* Balthazar Kormakur's The Sea, the Icelandic director's next film after 101 Reykjavik
* Kristian Levring's The Intended, a story of lovers in Malaysia of the 1920s from the director of The King Is Alive.
* Indian director Buddhadeb Dasgupta's A Tale Of A Naughty Girl, which follows the daughter of a prostitute looking to escape a life of poverty.

Sponsored by the Independent Film Channel Canada, the IFC Canada Visions Award will be presented to a film screening in the festival's Visions programme. The jury for the inaugural prize is made up of Alison Maclean, director of Crush and Jesus' Son; Whit Stillman, director of Metropolitan, Barcelona and The Last Days Of Disco; and Wayne Clarkson, executive director of the Canadian Film Centre.