Seeking to stoke up even more potential acquisitionactivity this September, the Toronto International Film Festival has announced15 world premieres and five international premieres it has identified asbuyer-friendly - that is, with major rights available -- including newfilms from Werner Herzog, Margarethe von Trotta, Hal Hartley, Tarsem Singh,Alek Keshishian, Scott Caan, Shane Meadows and Brad Siberling.

TIFF co-director Noah Cowan told Screen Daily: "Many ofthese films would normally be competition titles in a European film festival.The fact they have chosen to premiere at Toronto ratchets up our acquisitionfrenzy another notch."

Cowan said the list was drawn up by TIFF's Sales andIndustry office as the titles that are "heavily tracked by the industry". Hesaid he had fielded calls from at least one US buyer concerning "virtuallyevery title on this list."

Pointing to past Toronto acquisition success stories such asPaul Haggis' Crash in 2004 and JasonReitman's Thank You For Smokingin 2005, Cowan predicted significant sales activity. He claimed today's announcementincludes the ten most-sought-after titles of the year but he declined tospecify which ten.

TIFF world premieresannounced today with majors rights available:

10 Items Or Less
dir: Brad Silberling (US) - SpecialPresentation
Moonlight Mile directorSilberling has Morgan Freeman and Paz Vega in this story of an aging Hollywoodicon with a dwindling career who finds himself at the mercy of a young femalecheckout clerk.

The Dog Problem
dir: Scott Caan (US) - Special Presentation
Giovanni Ribisi, Mena Suvari and Don Cheadle star in this story of a failingnovelist discovers that his new puppy may not be the answer to his problems inthis shaggy dog story.

The Fall
dir: Tarsem Singh - SpecialPresentation
Shooting in 23 countries, Singh concocts a sinister, psychological fantasy.

Fay Grim
dir: Hal Hartley (US-Germany) - SpecialPresentation
This quasi-sequel to his 1997 film Henry Fool sees Fay (Parker Posey), a single mother preoccupiedwith raising her teenaged son, caught up in a rat race of internationalespionage while searching for her husband Henry - the most wanted man onearth.

L'Homme De Sa Vie
dir: Zabou Breitman (France-Italy) - Special Presentation
The arrival of an intriguing male neighbour tests both Frederic's marriage andhis once static sexuality as a quiet summer vacation becomes a tumultuouschallenge of the heart. Starring Charles Berling and Bernard Campan.

Hula Girls
dir: Sang-il Lee (Japan) - Contemporary World Cinema
Based on a true story, this witty and intelligent comedy sees an ambitious manattempt to save his declining coal mining town by building Japan's firstHawaiian village, bringing in a troupe of coal miners' daughters to learn theheartwarming Hula dance.

I Am The Other Woman
dir: Margarethe von Trotta (Germany) - Masters
Von Trotta's follow-up to festival favourite Rosenstrasse. An architect's decision to have a one-night standwith a mysterious lady in red sees him caught up in a web of dark secrets, sex,and death. Starring Armin Mueller-Stahl and Katja Riemann.

The Last Winter
dir: Larry Fessenden (US-Iceland) - Contemporary World Cinema
In this chilling ghost story, after a member of their team is found dead, thebarren landscape claims the sanity of a group of people on an oil expedition inthe Northern Alaska tundra.Starring Ron Perlman, James Le Gros, Connie Britton and KevinCorrigan.

Love And Other Disasters
dir: Alek Keshishian (France-UK) -Special Presentation
Brittany Murphy stars in comedy inspired by Breakfast At Tiffany's from Truth Or Dare director Keshishian.

Mon Colonel
dir: Laurent Herbiet (France/Algeria/Belgium) - Special Presentation
Costa-Gavras scripted and produced this story of the colonial war betweenFrance and Algeria, chronicling the conflicted relationship between ano-nonsense colonel and a young French officer, as well as the divide betweenflag-waving French civilians and the intimidating, unlawful military.

dir: John Jeffcoat (US) - ContemporaryWorld Cinema
After his entire department is outsourced, an American novelty productssalesman (Josh Hamilton) heads to Gharapuri to train his replacement.

Rescue Dawn
dir: Werner Herzog (US) - Masters
Herzog, hot off of his documentary Grizzly Man, has adapted this feature from his own documentary LittleDieter Learns To Fly, the true story ofU.S. Navy Lieutenant Dieter Dengler's (Christian Bale) death-defying escapefrom a Laos POW camp during the Vietnam War.

This Is England
dir: Shane Meadows (UK) - SpecialPresentation
UK indie favourite Meadows returns with this bittersweet take on a young boyrunning with the wrong crowd.

Vince Vaughn's Wild WestComedy Show
dir: Ari Sandel (US) - Special Presentation
Sandel chronicles the personal and professional journeys of four risingcomedians as they traverse the country on a tour bus with Vaughn, unleashingtheir diverse comedic styles on large and appreciative audiences.

dir: Alex van Warmerdam (Netherlands) - Contemporary World Cinema
Warmerdam wrote, directed and stars in this film about a down-and-out waiterpaying visits to the screenwriter who seems to control his life.

TIFF International Premiereswith major rights available

dir: Agustin Diaz Yanes (Spain) -Special Presentation
The prospect of Viggo Mortensen working in Spanish is the hook to thisswashbuckler based on a bestselling book series in Spain.

The Book Of Revelation
dir Ana Kokkinos (Australia) - Visions
An accomplished dancer, mysteriously abducted by three hooded women, is thrownback into the world twelve days later. A broken man, he attempts to find theanonymous women who have stolen his life. From the director of HeadOn, the film stars Greta Scacchi and TomLong.

The Bubble
dir: Eytan Fox (Israel) - SpecialPresentation
The lives of three young Tel Aviv scenesters - ignorant of the conflictand political unrest around them - are turned upside-down when a gayromance blossoms between Noam, an Israeli, and Ashraf, a Palestinian. From thedirector of Walk On Water and YossiAnd Jagger.

Un Crime
dir: Manuel Pradal (France) - Special Presentation
Harvey Keitel, Emmanuelle Beart and Norman Reedus star in this story of a manin relentless pursuit of his wife's murderer. In an effort to make him happy,his neighbour invents a culprit to help him get the revenge he so desires.

dir: Hirokazu Kore-eda (Japan) - Special Presentation
Set in the past, Kore-eda's first-ever samurai film, and his first film sincefestival favourite Nobody Knows,sees a young man torn between a path of vengeance and honour in an attempt toavenge his father's death.