The Toronto InternationalFilm Festival was in a state of shock yesterday after learning of the suddendeath of Katrin Cartlidge, the talented British actress whose film rolesincluded such well-regarded European films as Topsy-Turvy, Before The Rain, Naked, Breaking The Waves and last year's Oscar-winning No Man'sLand. She was 41.

Born in London, Cartlidgewas well-known and admired among the international and indie film communitythat frequents Toronto this time year. Among the grieving voices this weekendwere filmmaker and frequent collaborator Mike Leigh, United Artists chiefBingham Ray and Danish producer Vibeke Windelov, all of who were in Canada forthe festival.

Cartlidge reportedly died of complications from pneumonia and septicaemia. Her other credits include: FromHell, The Weight Of Water, The Cherry Orchard, The Lost Son, Claire Dolan, Career Girls, Saint-Ex and Eat The Rich. Shealso contributed to two film documentaries: Searching For Debra Winger and Tranceformer - A Portrait of Lars von Trier as well as making numerous appearances on UKtelevision.