The Toronto International Film Festival says an estimated $44m(C$52m) changed hands as a result of buying and selling at this year's event,including $24.5m in North American deals and $19.5m in international deals fromterritories such as the UK, Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, and Spain.

The record sum, based on estimates from a survey of accreditedbuyers and sellers attending this year's event, eclipses the previous estimatedhigh of $18.7m (C$22.2m) in 2002.

"The results confirm Toronto's status as a top-tierfestival for international business and deal-making," said TIFFco-director Noah Cowan in a statement. "International buyers clearlyrecognize Toronto as one of the world's premiere festivals to discover and buythe best cinema from across the globe."

Giulia Filippelli, senior international advisor at the OMDCSales Office said: "Toronto's unofficial market provides a backdrop wheregrowing international sales of non-English language films and Canadian titlesoccur alongside high-profile US deals. Today's announcement demonstratesour growth and success."

Toronto titles that generated the activity included ThankYou For Smoking (US), C.R.A.Z.Y. (Canada), The House Of Sand (Brazil), Heart Of The Game (US), Dave Chapelle's Block Party (US); Wah-Wah (UK/South Africa/France), Lie With Me (Canada), Trust The Man (US), The White Masai (Germany), Water (Canada), Sunflower (China), Tsotsi (UK/South Africa), The Gronholm Method (Spain/Argentina/Italy), 7 Virgins (Spain), Harsh Times (US), Summer In Berlin (Germany), Iberia (Spain), Look Both Ways (Australia), Shooting Dogs (UK/Germany); Twelve And Holding (USA), and Metal: A Headbanger's Journey (Canada).