The triumvirate at the top of the record-breaking UK chart last weekend maintained eye-popping screen averages for the three days Feb 18-20. Despite Toy Story 2's unprecedented $12.4m (£7.8m) gross last weekend, the computer-generated animation fell just 16% this weekend, with a 3-day gross of $10.4m (£6.5m). This brings its tally to an amazing $27.7m (£17.3m) after 10 days on wide release.

The Beach and American Beauty also held over well at number two and three in the chart respectively. The start of the half-term holiday buoyed figures for the Leonardo DiCaprio starrer, which took $3.2m (£2m), and American Beauty's seven Oscar nominations stabilised box office takings of $2.4m (£1.5m).

The British film from respected director Mike Leigh, Topsy-Turvy, opened at number nine with £140,000 from 78 screens - a little disappointing after the glowing reviews in the press. However, in London's West End, where Leigh traditionally performs best, the quasi-biopic of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado scooped £55,640 from 11 screens, giving it a screen average of £5,000. The other major opener was The Bachelor starring Chris O'Donnell and Renee Zellweger, which grossed £291,736 on 198 screens.

The total weekend takings came to $20m (£12.5m), 16% lower than the all-time record of £14.5m taken last weekend (Feb 11-13). However, this Friday (Feb 25)'s new release of the feted The Talented Mr Ripley and platform opening of The Green Mile is expected to see a return to similar gangbusting levels, boosted by Friday's school-holiday takings.