Winding up its global roll-out, blockbusting computer-generated animation Toy Story 2, scooped $3.8m on its opening weekend in Japan (March 11-13). The film's performance gives Buena Vista International the highest-opening US animated film in the territory, but was not enough to beat the distributor's record for Armageddon. It also pumps up the Disney/Pixar production's worldwide total to $432m, just three million shy of the box office total for Tarzan.

Toy Story 2 clinched the top spot in the Japanese box office chart from the Nippon Herald release of Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow which has taken over $5m in just 2 weeks of release. The animated sequel is likely to do similar business next week which marks the start of the school holidays. Similar to the five European screenings using Texas Instruments' prototype digital technology, Toy Story 2 is also being projected digitally for the first time ever at Toho's Nichegeki Plaza cinema.

Toy Story 2 is expected to reach $200m outside North America by the end of this weekend (March 19). Its biggest success story to date is in the UK where it has far outstripped expectations and become the territory's fifth all-time highest-grossing film with a tally currently standing at $62m.