French satellite platform TPS is to increase its investment in local low- to medium-budget films.

As stipulated by French broadcast authority, the CSA, TPS will continue to invest Euros 2.01 per subscriber per month in buying and pre-buying French films.

TPS also contributes to 'cinematic diversity' by spending 15% of its investments on French films with a budget below Euros 5.5m. From 2004 this will increase to 20%.

This 'diversity clause' is similar to a commitment undertaken by Canal Plus a few years ago to invest in low budget films.

With 1.25 million subscribers in France, last year TPS contributed Euros 33m to French film. Pre-buys represented Euros 23.7m of the total. Films that TPS helped to finance last year included Guillaume Canet's directorial debut Mon Idole and the upcoming Bienvenue Chez les Rozes from Francis Palluau.