Robots ruled the international box office this weekend as Transformers took the number one spot with $47.1m, for a total of $97.2m to date. Michael Bay's blockbuster was up 30% after expanding in an additional 19 territories. A second weekend also proved helpful for Die Hard 4.0, which was up 37% after expanding into a further 14 territories, taking $42.3m for an $86.1m total. Animated adventure Ratatouille also saw a boost - the film was up 57%, raking in $9.1m over the three-day period. And Australian audiences flocked to see US comedy Knocked Up, as it opened with a $2.9m take in its first weekend in the territory. The Good Shepherd re-entered the chart with $1m, while The Descent, Taxi 4, Nancy Drew and Swedish comedy Heartbreak Hotel also returned to the top 40 this weekend.

Analysis: International box-office Weekend July 6-8
week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(2)Transformers (US)$47,173,8483,381$97,207,99629
2(3)Die Hard 4.0 (US)$42,392,7396,903$86,165,56849
3(1)Shrek The Third (US)$35,686,8485,912$325,526,98342
4(5)Ocean's Thirteen (US)$9,309,0234,744$141,771,60454
5(7)Ratatouille (US)$9,135,0001,818$17,771,00013
6(6)Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End (US)$8,939,0005,242$624,933,000101
7(4)Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer (US)$7,846,2874,098$96,807,00935
8(New)Knocked Up (US)$2,978,394222$3,338,8421
9(10)Persepolis (US-Fr)$1,400,786380$3,742,1602
10(9)Apne (Ind)$1,296,960665$5,308,19216
11(8)Hostel: Part II (US)$1,239,828934$10,717,82518
12(14)Maiko Haaaan!!! (Jap)$1,152,476287$11,756,7301
13(12)Black House (S Kor)$1,043,781276$8,645,7231
14(*)The Good Shepherd (US)$1,043,493256$33,837,2114
15(15)Blades Of Glory (US)$981,588269$23,885,4698
16(11)Aap Ka Surroor (Ind)$904,426498$3,896,34414
17(28)Bridge To Terabithia (US)$847,561399$45,740,5936
18(New)Je Deteste Les Enfants Des Autres (Fr)$838,517254$838,5171
19(13)28 Weeks Later (US-UK)$834,928367$23,633,3987
20(16)Zodiac (US)$803,5351,064$45,892,44534
21(*)The Descent (UK)$761,026188$30,374,8161
22(19)Fracture (US)$727,250701$35,737,94817
23(*)Taxi 4 (Fr)$633,197187$56,178,8043
24(24)The Secret Of The Magic Gourd (Chi-US)$594,000150$1,702,0001
25(20)Conversations With My Gardener (Fr)$586,804537$8,060,6462
26(18)Roman De Gare (Fr)$563,798291$1,777,4683
27(New)Incorregibles (Arg)$536,506118$536,5062
28(21)The Haunted Samurai (Jap)$531,963285$4,306,0831
29(*)Nancy Drew (US)$509,117208$1,572,4173
30(34)La Vie En Rose (Fr-UK-Czech)$483,250254$59,842,69113
31(25)Cafe Solo O Con Ellas (Sp)$478,529299$1,439,8271
32(32)Sivaji (Ind)$477,823247$5,465,7299
33(22)Spider-Man 3 (US)$475,858928$550,075,76536
34(*)Heartbreak Hotel (Swe)$468,073138$5,758,7782
35(23)Evan Almighty (US)$454,186202$4,026,7918
36(29)Hooked On You (HK)$411,328125$1,299,4283
37(*)Stomp The Yard (US)$407,416434$12,905,0518
38(31)300 (US)$394,322304$245,224,1013
39(27)Death Proof (US)$377,849371$12,512,13217
40(30)Wild Hogs (US)$356,000409$83,802,00015
*Re-entry. (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady