New York-basedTransmission Films has launched a high-speed download system on its online filmdistribution site today (Aug 12), marking the first phase in thecompany's launch strategy. Transmission offers an online forum forindependent and foreign feature films for access by the online film-viewingcommunity while planning to create a revenue stream for film-makers who licensetheir features to the company.

The downloadsystem, which provides an alternative to streaming technology, was developed bythe company's technology partner MetaMachine which will handle allback-end technology, customer service and hosting of films on its serviceprovider eDonkey2000.

Transmisson wasfounded by film-makers Richard Matson and Stephanie Sharis and softwareengineer Jed McAleb as an alternative platform for movies than theatricaldistribution or straight-to-video release. The company cites a Jan 2002 articlein The New York Times saying that 20 million Americans are currently usingtheir personal computers to view films as proof of its potential user base.