US independent producer DanLupovitz has acquired film rights to Rose Tremain's award-winning novel Music & Silence which Tremainherself has adapted into a screenplay.

Tremain describes the novel,which is set in the royal court in 17th century Denmark, as being "about loveand betrayal, greed and poverty and the terrifying consequence of lies anddeceptions."

She and Lupovitz havepreviously teamed up on a screenplay of Tremain's novel The Way I Found Her. Lupovitz is in various stages of assemblingtalent on both pictures.

"Since it was published in1999, it has always had a high degree of interest from the film community,'said Lupovitz, whose credits include Simpatico,The Velocity Of Gary and Search AndDestroy. "A lot of directors have expressed interest in it."

Tremain has had one of hernovels made into a film, but it is no secret that she was unhappy with thestorytelling of the 1994 film Restoration.