The 2008 Tribeca Film Festival, which takes place April 23 to May 4, has announced the films in its Spotlight, Showcase and Restored/Rediscovered sections.

'Our Spotlight section presents a group of films already acquired for U.S. distribution but not yet released, including hotly-anticipated new titles by Jose Padilha, Julian Schnabel, Harmony Korine, Guy Maddin and Tom Kalin, and world premieres from Peter Tolin and Adam Yauch,' said Peter Scarlet, the festival's artistic director. 'Showcase includes a group of outstanding works not yet bought by any American distributors despite the acclaim they've already received internationally, including France's top award-winner this year, and a film by one of the last great masters of European cinema, Andrzej Wajda, which was one of the five nominees for the Best Foreign Language Oscar.'

World premieres announced include Peter Tolan's Finding Amanda, a comedy starring Matthew Broderick, Brittany Snow and Steve Coogan and Gunnin For That #1 Spot, a documentary directed by Beastie Boy Adam Yauch.

The festival also announced special screenings of 2001: A Space Odyssey to be followed by a panel conversation with film-makers and scientists, 90 Miles The Documentary to be followed by a special talk with Gloria and Emilio Estefan and Standard Operating Procedure to be followed by a conversation with Errol Morris.

Other special screenings include a restoration of Sergio Leone's Once Upon A Time In The West and Amos Poe's experimental film Empire II.

Films in Spotlight are:
Baghead (US) Jay & Mark Duplass, directors
Before The Rains (US) Santosh Sivan
Bigger, Stronger, Faster (US) Christopher Bell
Boy A (UK) John Crowley
Elite Squad (Brazil) Jose Padilha
Finding Amanda (US) Peter Tolan
Gunnin' For That #1 Spot (US) Adam Yauch
Kicking It (US) Susan Koch
Lou Reed's Berlin (US) Julian Schnabel
Man On Wire (UK) James Marsh
Meerkat Manor: The Story Begins (US) Chris Barker & Mike Slee
Mister Lonely (UK/France/Ireland/US) Harmony Korine
My Winnipeg (Canada) Guy Maddin
Savage Grace (US) Tom Kalin
The Universe Of Keith Haring (Italy/France) Christina Clausen
The Wackness (US) Jonathan Levine
War Inc (US) Joshua Seftel

Films in Showcase are:
Algeria (Algeria) Jean-Pierre Lledo
Football Under Cover (Germany) Ayat Najafi & David Assmann
Hidden In Plain Sight (US) Mark Street
Katyn (Poland) Andrzej Wajda
Lioness (US) Meg McLagan & Daria Sommers
Profit motive and the whispering wind (US) John Gianvito
Secrecy (US) Robb Moss & Peter Gallison
The Secret Of The Grain (France) Abdellatif Kechiche
Playing (Brazil) Eduardo Coutinho
Strangers (Israel) Erez Tadmor & Guy Nattiv

Films on Restored/Rediscovered are:
Harvest 3000 Years (Ethiopia, 1975) Haile Gerima
Night Tide (US, 1961) Curtis Harrington
Toby Dammit (Italy, 1968) Federico Fellini
Two Timid Souls (France, 1929) Rene Clair