TheTribeca Film Festival (TFF) and the Rome FilmFestival have officially announced their collaboration.

Duringits first edition, Rome, which runs Oct 13-21,will screen a selection of films that were shown at Tribecaearlier this year. The names of the films will be announced in coming weeks.

Tribeca will screen several of Rome's films during the next editionof its festival, which will take place April 25-May 6, 2007.

Sinceits creation, the Rome Film Festival has underlined its similarities with otherbig city events such as the Tribeca and London festivals, pushing itself- like those festivals - as a high-profile international event for the public,rather than the industry.

Rome and New York have also been keen topromote their cultural ties.

"LikeNew York before the Tribeca FilmFestival, Rome is a big city that hasnever had as important a festival as other cities,' said Tribeca's executive director Peter Scarlet.

'Afestival of this size seems like a logical development for both cities, whichare not only big film production hubs, but also are the gates through whichfilms of other countries reach their respective domestic markets,' headded.

Earlierthis year, the Rome Festival and Rome's Chamber of Commerce officiallybecame sponsors of the fifth edition of the Tribeca Film Festival.

'Wehope this is only the beginning of a long collaboration,' said TFF's president Jennifer Maguer Isham.