Lars von Trierhas confirmed he is considering casting both Nicole Kidman and Bryce DallasHoward in Wasington , the third film in his USA trilogy. The two actors haveboth played the same role of Grace in first Dogville (Kidman), and Cannescompetitor Manderlay (Howard). However, the project has been postponed and theprovocative Trier has also hinted it may never be made.

"The original agreementfor Wasington was for both Bryce Dalles Howard and Nicole Kidman to participatein February," Trier said. "It's nowpostponed. I'll write it when the right ideas and the subject matter showsitself to me as a necessity.

"The concept of who is going to be Graceis therefore not firm yet but for a while I worked with the idea of a sweetsister and an evil sister. Both actresses wanted to be the evil one which isalways the most interesting part."

Before Wasington, Trier will shoot The Manager Of It All , a Dogme film he has also written.It will star Jens Albinus, who appeared in the The Idiots

"Manderlay came very quickly afterDogville and while editing Manderlay I've been working for six months on thescript for Wasington," Trier explained. "It doesn't work, it's a loadof crap to say the truth. If the work isn't fun-driven I simply can't do it,the result would be worse than usual. I won't rule out that Wasington [might]never be made. I love the idea of unfinished works of art. But no way, I'm onlyjoking. I seriously have ambitions of finishing the trilogy later on."

Since Dogville,Trier has been speaking with Kidman about a range of projects including theshelved Antichrist. In Cannes, Howard said she would "cut her toes off" towork with the director again.