Spain'sTriPictures has boarded the $93m (Euros 78m) French-language Asterix At TheOlympic Games, set to shoot entirely in Spain beginning nextJune.

The film will shoot in high definition for20 weeks at the new Alicante-based City of Light studio complex.

The new Asterix isa co-production between Thomas Langmann's La Petite Reine, Pathe RennProductions and other foreign co-producers, including TriPictures which willrelease the film in Spain.

Pathe ishandling international sales.

Langmann isset to co-direct the film with Frederic Forestier.

GerardDepardieu stars as Obelix alongside Clovis Cornillac as Asterix, Alain Delon asCaesar, and Benoit Poelvoorde as Brutus.

The newly-announced cast includes Diane Kruger, Michael Herbig, Frank Dubosc, and Spanishstars Santiago Segura and Elsa Pataky.