Zone Vision Network's ZoneMobile has struck a deal with Juice Mobile and Lloyd Kaufman's Troma Films to distribute film clips through mobiledevices.

The clips will beavailable starting in mid-April through Zone's new Horror Channel WAP site.

The deal will offer Troma clips that are under two minutes.

"Zone Visioncontinues to be at the forefront of new media trends. Due to the popularity ofthese classic cult titles on The Horror Channel, it's great that viewers arenow able to download this material directly on to their handsets," said Tanya Gugenheim, chief business development and newmedia officer for Zone Vision Networks. "We are delighted to be working with Juice Mobileand Troma, two of the most exciting and innovativebrands around today."

Added David Simmons, CEOof Juice Mobile Entertainment: "Troma is a vastcatalogue with fans all around the world.We have enjoyed the challenge of adapting some of these great, butseriously weird films, to be suitable for mobile audiences and believe thatworking with Zone Vision will help us get distribution, not only to the hardcore fans, but a whole new audience."