ThomasVinterberg's controversial drama, Dear Wendy has been hitting the targetat the European Film Market. Followingpacked screenings in Berlin earlier this week, the film, scripted by Lars VonTrier, has been sold to Germany (Legend), the UK (Metrodome) Canada (TVA)films, Argentina (Distribution Company) and Peru (Gateno Films) Peru.

USbuyers are also circling Dear Wendy which is on Trust's EFM slate. Thefilm, which premiered in Sundance last month, is likely to prove contentiouswith US audiences and critics. Von Trier's last feature Dogville wascalled "an apocalyptic blast at American values" by one LA-basedtrade paper.

Dear Wendy takes an equally quirky look at US life and customs - and its gunculture in particular. Nonetheless, Trust is confident of closing a US dealwithin "the next two days."

Vinterbergcharacterises the drama (starring Jamie Bell) as a cross between The Kingdomand Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. "This is the story of alove affair between a man and a gun," he recently stated. "There's agirl, some boys, but the main romance in this love story is definitely betweenthe man and his gun."

Duringthe EFM, Trust has also sold King's Game to fledgling UK distributorDogwoof and Lukas Moodysson's A Hole In My Heart to Russia's PartnerVideo Films.