Trust Film Sales,the world sales offshoot of Denmark's Zentropa Entertainment has had a busystart to Venice, acquiring David Mackenzie's The Last Wilderness andstriking a number of sales deals on Venice competition picture Lilja 4-Ever.

Trust bought Wilderness, adebut feature by noted British shorts director Mackenzie, after its outing atlast month's Edinburgh International Film Festival. It will next travel toToronto. Appropriately for the company that has sold films by Lars von Trierand Soren Kragh Jaconsen, Screen International critic Allan Hunterdescribed the stalled road movie-cum psychological drama as having "more in common with the sensibility of early Dogme features thananything currently emerging from British cinema." Produced by Sigma Films, thefilm will be handled in the UK by Winchester Entertainment subsidiary FeatureFilm Company.

Kicking off her Venicepitch by working in a bikini, Trust's Annakarin Strom sold Lukas Moodysson'sRussia-set tale of abandonment and teenage prostitution Lilja 4-Ever to A-Film for TheNetherlands, as part of a paclkage with another Toronto-bound picture OpenHeart. Lilja was also sold to Monopol Pathe for Switzerland and toCreative for the Ex-Yugoslavian territories. The UK was previously sold toMetrodome.

Although rumoured to be on the pointof closing licence deals for France and Italy on the film, Strom said she wasfielding plenty of offers from international and US buyers, but will probablywait until Toronto to close other major territories. The film, which is farremoved in tone from Moodysson's previous Together (Tillsammans)and Show Me Love (Fucking Amal), has sharply divided critics."Many of our regular clients are not here in Venice, those from the UK andGermany are notably absent,'said Strom.