The promo of Swedishthriller Storm directed by MansMarlind and Bjorn Stein is selling quicker than most finished films on theTrust Film Sales counter.

Thailand (Pacific Marketing), Mexico (Mandala), Brasil(California Films) and Estonia (Estin Film) have all fallen for Storm aftertwo screenings.

Meanwhile,Greece's Rosebud and Italy's Theodora Film have picked up the Anders Thomas Jensen scripted and Susanne Bierdirected After The Wedding.

Greece's Ama Film also picked up Un Certain Regardromantic comedy Dark Horse by Iceland's Dagur Kari.

Four other territories have acquired Lars Von Trier'sManderlay, bringing the list of buying countries up 34.

New buyers are from Finland (Kamras), Austria (PoliFilm), Norway (Fidalco) and Columbia (Simplex).

The UK, US and Germany are still to sell.