Denmark's Trust Film Saleshas filled out its list of recent licensing deals with strings of sales on LarsVon Trier's Manderlay and the Von Trier-scripted Dear Wendy,which is to be directed by Thomas Vinterberg.

Manderlay, the second element of Von Trier's U,S and A trilogywhich kicked off with Dogville, has been sold to Gaga Communications for Japan,Gussi for Mexico, Golem for Spain, Gutek for Poland, Artcam for the Czech Republic, CentralPartnership for the former CIS, Budapest Film for Hungary, Cineart for Benelux,Audiovisual Entertainment for Greece, Atalanta for Portugal and Independentafor Romania. Earlier deals included Monopole Pathe for Switzerland, Crown Filmsfor Thailand and Shani Films for Israel.

Although Manderlayhas yet to secure a US distributor, Trust remains confident that it will dowell. "It is a great script and we have high expectations for thefilm," said Annakarin Strom, head of sales at Trust. Dogville wassold for North American release to Lions Gate. "Lions Gate does not have awritten option on Manderlay, but we always encourage our distributors tofollow directors."

Earlier this week, Manderlayproducer Vibeke Windeloev confirmed that Von Trier had cast Bryce Dallas Howard asGrace, the role that was previously played by Nicole Kidman.

Inall-rights deals Dear Wendy has been sold to SPI for Hungary, Poland,the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Rialto for Switzerland, Audiovisual forGreece, Atalanta for Portugal, Central Partnership for the former CIS, Gussifor Mexico, Shani for Israel, and Independenta for Romania. French theatricalrights were sold to Les Films Du Losange while SVT and NRT respectively pickedup Swedish and Norwegian TV rights. Theatrical rights in Scandinavia andFinland are handled by Egmont.

Trusthopes to be able to show buyers a promo-reel of Dear Wendy, which likeU, S and A maintains a tone critical of America, by Cannes next year with aview to delivering the film for 2005 release.