Danish salesoutfit Trust has taken on international sales of Baltasar Kormakur's JarCity. The film hasalready enjoyed the biggest opening in Icelandic history, racking up admissionsof over 60,000 - representing one in five of the population - since its releasein mid-October.

All territoriesare open excluding Germany, where ADR has taken the rights, and Scandinavia,being handled by Scanbox. The film was produced by Nordisk and Bavaria Film.

Jar City is adapted from a novel by ArnaldurIndrioason. A crime thriller, it stars Ingvar E. Sigurdsson as a middle-agedpolice detective investigating what initially appears to be a run of a millmurder.

Kormakur, anactor as well as a director, is the moast high-profile Icelandic directorworking today. His first feature film 101 Reykjavik (2000), also sold by Trust, won theDiscovery of the Year Award at the Toronto Film Festival. His most recentfeature, the English-language A Little Trip To Heaven, starred Julia Stiles and ForestWhitaker.

"We are verypleased that Baltasar finally came home - we are delighted to be handlinghis new film," said Trust's Natja Rosner.