Tube Studios of Montreal and Talisman, a U.K.-based entertainment company, announced Aug. 8 that they are about to finalise an international co-production agreement to co-develop, finance and produce a slate of film and television properties valued at an estimated US$200 million.

"Both Tube and Talisman share a common vision and commitment to developing and producing high-quality digital-based content for the international market," says Dominique St-Louis, VP and COO of Tube Studios, which specialises in visual effects, computer-generated animation and digital content creation. "This fits well with Tube's long-term strategy to work with international production partners to develop and grow our company."

To support the production slate, Tube and Talisman are harmonizing their respective digital studio interests, with Ice Storm Digital, which produced the effects for Talisman's The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, relocating into Tube's Montreal facilities.

"There is a strong international demand for productions that require digitally based visual effects and animation," says Talisman managing director Richard Jackson. "Partnering with Tube Studios to co-produce these properties will enable us to deliver high-quality, cost-effective digital content."

Tube is currently creating visual effects for several films including Ancient Warriors for Westar Entertainment of Los Angeles, and Station Nord, a co-production with Bloom Films/Z Productions. The company is also in development on a feature-length 3D animated film.