In an innovative - and cheeky - marketing move, the Weinstein Company has today (June 25) projected the trailer for Michael Moore's Sicko on the outside of buildings near the headquarters of health insurance companies and hospitals in five US cities.

The company said the trailer screenings 'will enable millions of Americans, including employees at leading HMOs [health maintenance organisations], insurance companies and hospitals, to see a sneak peak of Michael Moore's acclaimed documentary that explores and examines their industry's role in our nation's troubled health care system.'

The trailer is being projected - with full sound and subtitles - from sundown to 1am local time at locations in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Oakland and Chicago. Each screening site, said the Weinstein Company, has a number of 'locations of interest' nearby, though it appears that the hospitals or insurance company buildings themselves will not be used as makeshift screens.

Written, directed and produced by Moore and distributed in the US by the Weinstein Company and Lionsgate, Sicko had been due to open next weekend but was given a last-minute launch at a single New York cinema on Friday (June 22). Over the weekend the film grossed an estimated $70,000, according to Lionsgate. It will go wide in North America on Friday.