Twenty one local and foreign feature-projects have beenselected for this year's Netherlands Production Platform, which will take placeduring the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht between Sept 24-26.

The selected titles will be presented to Dutch and foreignproducers and financial backers. The Dutch entries are also aiming for TheKodak Development Prize, worth 5,000 Euro.

Netherlands' Entries
Lenja's Wens, produced by the Kasander FilmCompany, to be directed by Ben Sombogaart, this year's Oscar-nominee for TwinSisters.
, produced by Motel Films, written and directed by Maria Speth (Inden Tag Hinein).
Mannen Met Hersens,
produced by Jos van der Pal Audio-Visuele Producties,directed by Saskia Diesing.
Nachtrit, produced by Waterland Film & TV, directed by DanaNechushtan.
Oorlogswinter, produced by Isabella Films, directed by Martin Koolhoven.
Pol And Lot, produced by Filmprodukties De Luwte BV, directed by MariaUitdehaag.
Ritsen, produced by Staccato Films, directed by Ineke Houtman.
De Veelbelovende Toekomst Van Roger Kolink, produced by Phanta VisionFilm International, directed by Tjebbo Penning.
Wild Weekend, produced by Nijenhuis en De Levita Film en Televisie B.V.,directed by Lodewijk Crijns.
Wolfsbergen, produced by Circe Films, directed by Nanouk Leopold.

Foreign Entries
A Love Supreme (Belgium), produced by AnotherDimension of an Idea, directed by Pieter van Hees.
The World Is Big And Salvation Lurks Around The Corner (Bulgaria)produced by RFF International, directed by Stephan Komandarev.
North Pole (Estonia), produced by Ruut Pictures, director unknown.
Mamarosh (France), produced by Yalla Productions Ltd, directed by MomaMrdakovic.
Strange Weddings (Germany), produced by Tradewind Pictures GmbH,directed by Sinan Akkus.
Rise and Walk (Hungary) produced by Inforg Studio, directed by AndrásFesös.
Lingling (Ireland), produced by Zanzibar Films Ltd, directed by PaddyJolley.
Daughters (Poland), produced by Opus Film, directed by KatarzynaKlimkiewicz.
First Grey Than White And Blue (Spain), produced by Nadie Es Perfecto,directed by Giovanna Ribes.
Frost Flowers (UK), produced by Hadaly pictures, director AndreaVecchiato.
XTC (USA), produced and directed by Debbie Elbin..