Twentyone films crossed the $100m mark at the international box office in 2004,according to Screen International research.

TwoWarner Bros titles, Ocean's Twelve and The Polar Express passedthe $100m mark in international markets over the New Year's weekend.

Thefigures show that the international market is becoming an increasinglyimportant source of revenue for US studios and producers around the world.

Theinternational success of Troy, which took 73% of its worldwide grossesinternationally, highlights the growing importance and vitality of the market.The film was only the 13th highestgrossing film of the year in North America.

Similarlytitles like King Arthur, Garfield, The Terminal and Bridget Jones:The Edge Of Reason did not make the top 25 titles in North America but allmade the international top 20.

Howl'sMoving Castle was the only non-English language titlereleased in 2004 to pass $100m despite launching just seven weeks before theend of the year and having opened in just two territories (Japan and SouthKorea).

MichaelMoore's Fahrenheit 9/11 should also receive special mention havingbecome the only documentary ever to achieve the $100m mark internationally.

Alsoworthy of note was The Bourne Supremacy which, although it does notfeature on the $100m list below, had grossed $99.9m as of Sunday (Jan 2) withJapan yet to open (Feb 12).

2004releases passing $100m international gross
(Title / International Gross in 2004 in $ / Percentage of worldwidegross)

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban $540.3m (68%)
Shrek 2 $467.5m* (51%)
Spider-Man 2 $410.4m (52%)
Troy $364m (73%)
The Day After Tomorrow $355.8m (66%)
The Incredibles $286.8m* (53%)
The Passion Of The Christ $253.2m (41%)
I, Robot $202.4m (58%)
Van Helsing $180m (60%)
Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason $177.7m* (82%)
Shark Tale $157.9m* (49.5%)
King Arthur $149.9m (74%)
The Village $142.5m (55.5%)
Something's Gotta Give $142m (53%)
Howl's Moving Castle $134.9m* (100%)'
Garfield $120.4m (61.5%)
The Terminal $120.4m* (61%)
Collateral $116.7m (54%)
Ocean's Twelve $107.3m* (50%)
The Polar Express $101.7m* (40%)
Fahrenheit 9/11 $101.5m (46%)
* Still on release
' Not released in North America
NB: Something's Gotta Give debuted internationally in 2004 despitelaunching in North America in Dec 03.