EXCLUSIVE: Contents Panda, the sales arm of Korea’s Next Entertainment World (NEW), has signed a raft of deals on Lee Byeong-heon’s Twenty, including the sale of Japanese rights to NBC Universal Japan.

The youth-oriented comedy drama has also been sold to Taiwan (Movie Cloud), Hong Kong (Deltamac), Singapore (Clover Films), Malaysia (Asia Tropical Films) and Vietnam (Lotte Cinema Vietnam). In addition, in-flight rights have gone to Emphasis.

The film follows three high school graduates as they struggle with life and love. The three graduates are played by Kim Woo-in (Friend: The Great Legacy), Lee Jun-ho (Memories Of The Sword) and Kang Ha-neul (Mourning Grave).

Released in Korea in March, the film grossed $21.5m and was released the following month in North America by CJ America.

Contents Panda is also introducing several new titles in Cannes including Park Hoon-jung’s The Tiger: An Old Hunter’s Tale, starring Choi Min-sik (Oldboy);  Kim Hyun-joo’s animation Lost In The Moonlight; and Kim Hak-soon’s Northern Limit Line, about naval skirmishes between North and South Korea during the 2002 World Cup.