The newly-appointed Hungarian ministry of culture has awarded $3.3m (HUF 800m) in immediate cash for its struggling local film industry, while in neighbouring Slovakia a new law has been passed requiring broadcasters and exhibitors to contribute to the country's production funds.

In Hungary, cultural minister Gabor Gorgey and minister of financial affairs Csaba Laszlo, announced that the funding award, which goes to the Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary, will be divided between 30 feature film projects, already supported by the Foundation, but stalled due to lack of additional financing.

An additional $1.28m (HUF 320m) will be directed to projects that have already gone into production.

The politicians also stated that the ministry would now start working on a new film law, in consultation with representatives of the film industry, that would guarantee state support for Hungarian films.

Meanwhile, the neighbouring Slovakian parliament approved a new law last week requiring broadcasters and cinema operators to contribute to the country's audiovisual fund.

From next year, broadcasters, including public TV and radio broadcasters STV and Slovak Radio, will contribute 3% of their incomes to the fund, while cinema operators will be obliged to pay 1% of revenue.