Vitagraph Films, a USmicro-distributor affiliated with the LA-based American Cinematheque, hasacquired US rights to prolific Japanese bad-boy film-maker TakashiMiike's splatter musical The Happiness Of The Katakuris (2001) as well as his hyper-kinetic action picture TheCity Of Lost Souls (2000).

Under president DavidShultz, Vitagraph has been buying movies for the last two years, firstacquiring rights to seven Japanese genre films from the last 30 years(including Black Rose Mansion, Black Tight Killers and Ecstasy Of The Angels) and releasing them on a limited theatrical basisbefore partnering with Image Entertainment for a DVD and video release. Thecompany then started acquiring contemporary films such as Miike'schilling Audtion, MarcForster's Sundance hit Everything Put Together and Matthew Bright's Bundy.

The Happiness Of TheKatakuris is a grotesque high campmusical about a family trying to live in an inn in the remote Japanesemountains where all the guests seem to die in bizarre fashion. It starred KenjiSawada, Keiko Matsuzaka and Tetsura Tanba.

The City Of Lost Souls is a live action manga telling a love story againstthe backdrop of a war between the Chinese mafia and Japanese yakuza. It starsTeah and Michele Reis.