Warner Bros enjoyed hugesuccess over the weekend with Castle Rock comedy Two Weeks Notice, grossing $15m in 23 territories. The film whichstars Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant remained at number one in the UK in itssecond weekend with $3.6m (£2.19m) at 417 sites beating Fox's opener Daredevil and bringing its total to $9.9m (£6m).

The film opened at numberone in Germany, with $3.65m on 623 screens, representing 535,057 admissions andnew record openings for both Bullock and Grant in the territory.

In Italy, the film openedsecond to Ricordati Di Me, with$2.12m on 327 screens - representing 345,883 admissions - and beating openingsfrom Miss Congeniality (by 405%),About A Boy (by 84%) and You'veGot Mail (by 36%).

Records for the stars werealso broken in Holland where the film opened at the top with $0.69m from 88screens and in Austria where the film took $0.59m.

The film also opened inSouth Africa ($0.3m from 59 prints), Korea ($0.73m on 80 screens) and Mexico($1.1m on 270 screens). The international gross to date is $35.7m includingterritories handled by Warner's partner on the film Village Roadshow. Next toopen are France on Feb 19, Denmark, Finland, Portugal and Spain on Feb 21.