Stewart Till, the CEO ofUnited International Pictures, has been appointed as the new chairman of UK football club Millwall.

Till told that the role was non-executive and non-paid and wouldn't change his duties at UIP. "It's a dream come true for me, but obviously UIP pay my salary and they get the first and last call of my workdays," he said. Till said he expected the Millwall gig would mostly involve weekends during football season, which won't impact his hours or committments at UIP.

Till'sfuture plans are being closely watched as UIP is being restructured. In September 2005, Paramount and Universal announced that they would scale backtheir international distribution joint venture, UIP, in order to establish their own separateinternational operations in 15 territories starting in January 2007. The restructuredUIP will continue to distribute in 20 territories.

Till did confirm that he plans to leave his post at UIP when the changeover happens at the end of the year. "The transition is going very smoothly and I'll stay until the end of the year," Till said. "When we get to the end of the year, absolutely I'll leave and I'll have to consider other opportunities." He said that at this time he didn't think football would turn into a full-time career.

The UK Film Council said it didn't expect Till's new role at Millwall to impact his position as chairman of its board.

"I have been asupporter of Millwall since my father took me to seethem play Carlisle in 1959," Till told the club's website.

The club was recentlyrelegated from the Championship, and Till said,"Our intention is to return to the Championship after next season. One of mytasks is the recruitment of a new team manager to bring glory back to TheDen."

Former manager David Tuttleleft the club last month.

Former club chairman Peterde Savary will continue to serve as chairman of Millwall Holdings plc, the company that owns the club.

Till is a fervent footballfan who also chairs an annual charity film industry football tournament.