UIP has become the first major theatrical distributor to sign anexclusive license agreement in Pakistan following the December launch of KingKong.

UIP's new agent, BoxOffice Limited, is the distribution affiliate of Cinepax, the country's firstcineplex company that plans to develop 120 screens in Pakistan's larger cities.

King Kongopened through Box Office Limited in nine cities on Dec 30 on both English anddubbed prints and has amassed more than $133,000 to date and is projected to finishon double that amount by the end of an eight-week run.

Upcoming UIP releases through Box Office Limited include Mission:Impossible 3, Miami Viceand Aeon Flux.

"Cinepax's efforts toexploit Pakistan's potential convinced us that UIP had to be actively involvedin the territory's early growth phase," Kurt Rieder, vice president ofsales and marketing, Asia, said.

"We've chosen partners in Box Office Limited who share ourdistribution and marketing philosophy and who are committed to making Pakistana vibrant theatrical environment."

To date KingKong has grossed morethan $309m through its international markets.