As the North American film industry discusses the ever-changing digital cinema issue at ShowEast, Orlando, the UK is becoming a driving force in the debate through a series of government-backed discussions and demonstrations.

The "Celluloid Or Silicon" roadshow is currently presenting the latest developments in electronic film technology to the industry across the UK.

With essential support from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), together with findings from a comprehensive report recently published by Screen Digest, the roadshow aims to provide a forum to stimulate debate and generate ideas on e-cinema's impact on cinema and TV.

The committee that launched the initiative was set up by the DTI and DCMS and is chaired by Dr Charlie Sandbank of the DTI. A report to examine the impact of digital technology on the UK's industry has also been commissioned.

Dr Sandbank said: "There have been several spectacular demonstrations of the high quality of electronic cinema. Our aim is not to duplicate these but to focus on the new opportunities for the industry as well as potential problems."

Attending the first leg of the roadshow at the National Film Theatre, London, UK culture secretary Chris Smith said: "The UK has a worldwide reputation for being at the cutting edge of digital technology. We must build on this and ensure that our film and broadcasting industries fully exploit the new technologies available. Information is vital to this and if technology is to be taken up and its potential realised, then those in the industry must be fully aware of the opportunities and advantages that are open to them."