The UK's Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) is clamping down on camcorder use in UK cinemas by creating the new role of theatrical investigator.

The theatrical investigator will liaise with the UK exhibition and distribution industry to help prevent camcorder use and other forms of digital recording. The post reports to Jim Angell, director of operations.

The investigator, who was not named, is a police veteran who has also worked as an investigator for a major media company.

UK industry group the Film Distributors Association will fund the position.

"With evidence illustrating an increased vulnerability to camcording in UK cinemas we are aware of the need to be proactive and to ensure that we are assisting the industry to take preventative measures," said Raymond Leinster, director general of FACT. "Equally this new appointment will provide a dedicated investigative resource to tackle the emerging threat posed by camcording."

Mark Batey, the FDA's chief executive added: "Films have never been more vulnerable to rip-off copying - especially the English language versions released in the UK. FDA is delighted to be sponsoring a dedicated investigator for the cinema industry. We believe the appointment is very timely and look forward to working with the investigator over the years ahead."