The Illuminated Film Company (Illuminated Films) is to produce adventure story Not The End Of The World. Piet Kroon (Shrek 2, Christmas Carol - The Movie) will direct the film which he adapted from Geraldine McCaughrean's novel of the same name.

Currently at the pre-production stage, the film is set on board Noah's Ark and follows Noah's youngest daughter Timna, as she fights for survival along with her family.

Kroon said of the story: 'Geraldine wrote an unflinching, wickedly funny and intriguing book, brimming with hope. The movie will only bring out those qualities and more. Humanity and blind faith collide; we are not pulling punches in this gritty tale.'

Illuminated Films' previous projects include T.R.A.N.S.I.T, War Game and Christmas Carol - The Movie.

Iain Harvey, who heads up Illuminated Films, said: 'I have always looked for stories that put their faith in people. Not The End Of The World is an inspiring, deeply moving and richly comic thriller. An unusual list of attributes, I grant, but then we are working on a unique film with a highly visionary theme. This journey will be as momentous as that of the ark and its occupants.'