Summer admissions in the UK reached a record 50.8 million, according to the Film Distributor Association (FDA).

From June to August, cinema-going reached levels not seen in the territory for 40 years.

Year-on-year admissions for the period jumped 27% and wereup a massive 44% on the same three months in 2000.

Weatherconditions, including flooding and temperature drops contributed to theincrease in cinema attendance. - July was the wettest summer in the UKon record while August was the coldest in 10 years.

The last weekend inJuly was the biggest weekend for admissions in the UK ever - the periodof July 27-29 saw The Simpsons Movie and Transformers debut, helping to pull in a record 5.5 million admissions over the three days.

According to the FDA, local film distributors invested approximately $151m
(£75m) to launch and sustain a total of 117 films in UK cinemas this summer.

Thetop 12 blockbusters which include Harry Potter And The Order Of ThePhoenix, Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End, The Simpsons Movie,Shrek The Third and Spider-Man 3, grossed a combined total of $614.5m(£305m) at the UK box office this summer.

Foreign languagereleases such as The Lives Of Others, Partner, Tell No One and La VieEn Rose collectively attracted more than 1 million admissions.

'Theseare sensational figures,' said FDA chief executive Mark Batey. 'It'sthrilling that so many people have enjoyed the uniquely immersive, highquality experience of the cinema this summer.'