The UK's film and TV industry charity CTBF has launched the new John Brabourne Big 5 Award.

The backers are Arri Rental Group, Technicolor, Kaos, Pinewood Group and Kodak. Working Title Films will help select the final script and help with funding.

The award will provide a platform for a rising director to make their first professional short film.

The prize package is valued at over $275,000 and will include 35mm film stock donated by Kodak, camera hire and lighting from Arri; studio space and audio post-production from Pinewood; digital print and visual post at Technicolor
Kaos Films will offer a script from their British Short Screenplay Competition.

Applications are due by March 31 and the winner will be named May 2. Richard Attenborough will present the award at a St James Palace ceremony in London on June 25.

The short will be finished by spring 2009, when the next Big 5 award will be announced.

The candidates will be directors who are experienced in commercials, promos, trailers, music or corporate videos but have yet to direct their first film.

David Puttnam, vice patron of CTBF, said: 'The Big 5 award is anincredible opportunity for any talented director looking to make theirfirst professional short film. It's wonderful to see the film industryworking together and supporting the CTBF by contributing to this award,it underlines the sense of community that's so important to all of thework we do.'

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