Award-winning producersDaniel San and Rebecca Knapp have launched their new UK distribution outfit SparkPictures Limited today, Oct 6.

The company intends todistribute three to four "commercial independent"titles over the next year.

San and Knapp teamed up in2004 with the aim to create a company that will make and distribute low-costcommercial feature films.

Production was recentlycompleted on Spark's first feature Popcorn,which was written and directed by Darren Paul Fisher and stars Jodi Albert,Jack Ryder and Sophie Anderton.

San says, "There areplenty of good films out there either not fulfilling their potential or not reaching the market atall. Currently the UK does not cater for thesmall film aimed at the multiplexaudience. If films are produced on a modest budget, those targeted at the arthouse marketare more likely to see a release. We aim to fill that gap."