A UK documentary film has filmed a historic court case brought against Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe.

Mugabe And The White African has been following the story of farmer Mike Campbell, who has been battling with the government of the African country which has attempted to confiscate his land.

The documentary team saw a year's work come to fruition when Campbell won a case against Mugabe on charges of racism in an international court in Namibia.

He also won charges of contempt of court by the Zimbabwegovernment after he, his wife and son-in-law were abducted andtortured by Mugabe's Zanu PF while under the protection of the court.

Directors Lucy Bailey and Andrew Thompson said: 'The ordeals they'vebeen through are unimaginable it's been real a privileged to be withthem and film them throughout their battle for justice'

The film - to be released in 2009 - is produced by David Pearson and Elizabeth Morgan Hemlock of Arturi Films.

Producer David Pearson, himself a BAFTA nominated documentary maker, said: '
We have been filming the whole unfolding case. This is a story about one man's fight to save himself, his family and his country.'