The UK Film Council hasannounced the latest recipients of awards from its P&A Fund, which supportsdistribution of niche films.

The awards are:

$169,968 (£90,000) to VervePictures for Andrea Arnold's Red Road

$169,968 (£90,000) to OptimumReleasing for Joon-ho Bong's The Host

$117,059 (£62,000) to ArtificialEye for Denis Dercourt's The Page Turner

$75,521 (£40,000) to VertigoFilms for Paul Andrew Williams' London To Brighton

$9,440 (£5,000) to SodaPictures for Hans-Christian Schmid's Requiem

$9,440 (£5,000) to SodaPictures for Anders Banke's Frostbite

$9,440 (£5,000) to LionsgateUK for David Leaf and John Scheinfeld's The US vs JohnLennon.

$9,440 (£5,000) to Revolverfor Hal Haberman and Jeremy Passmore's Special

$8,921 (£4,725) to IMS 5 forReg Traviss' Joy Division

$8,496 (£4,500) to ICA for Neil Armfield's Candy

$7,174 (£3,800) to ParkCircus for Woody Allen's Manhattan

$3,719 (£1,970) to LionsgateUK for Jan Dunn's Gypo