The UK Film Council is investing a total of £1.7m from its New Cinema Fund in five international co-productions.

In My Father's Den starring Spooks lead actor Matthew Macfadyen, currently shooting in New Zealand received £405,000, while French language films L'Ecole and Lila Dit Ça (Lila Says) received £397,330 and £400,000 respectively.

Paul Trijbits, head of the New Cinema Fund said in a statement: "We are delighted to be able to broaden the range of films available to UK audiences by supporting these international co-productions. In addition these films strengthen collaboration and co-production between UK producers and their European counterparts."

Also receiving funding (£422,000) is Brenda Blethyn starrer A Way Of Life, the directorial debut from writer Amma Asante, previously writer and producer of the TV drama Brothers And Sisters.

Finally, Duncan Roy's feature length film A.K.A. has received £104,045 to make a single screen version of the original triptych format.