The UK Film Council hasannounced the latest round of awards from its Prints and Advertising Fund.

The biggest awards in therecent round of funding were $304,442(£174,196) to Tartan Films for TheProposition, $262,154 (£150,000) to Momentum for Tsotsi, $174,749 (£100,000) to Pathe for Transamerica, and $174,749 (£100,000) to Maiden Voyage Pictures forRollin' With The Nines.

Other awards were $133,159 (£76,200)to Revolver Entertainment for Kidulthood,$116,619 (£66,735) to Soda Pictures for C.R.A.Z.Y.,$87,349 (£50,000) to Tip Top Entertainment for Iqbal, $78,265 (£44,800) to Eureka for Junebug,$75,581 (£43,260) to Trinity Filmed Entertainment for The Magician, $55,669 (£31,863) to Word of Mouth Films for Unknown White Male, and $43,678 (£25,000) to ArtificialEye for Hidden (Cache).

Theremaining awards were $38,560 (£22,070)to Parasol Peccadillo for Cockles &Muscles, $31,011 (£17,750) to Metrodome for Shooting Dogs, $30,997(£17,740) to Revolution Films for TheRoad to Guantanamo, $25,335 (£14,500) to Verve Pictures for Love + Hate, $23,589 (£13,500) to YumePictures for Quo Vadis, Baby', $19,814(£11,340) to Soda for Crossing The Bridge- The Sound Of Istanbul, $18,696 (£10,700) to Tartan for U-Carmen eKhayelitsha, and $16,907 (£9,676)to Revolver for Grizzly Man.

The fund distributes about $3.5m(£2m) per year to widen the release of specialised films.

In addition, the UK FilmCouncil's Cinema Access Programme awarded the bfi London Lesbian and Gay FilmFestival $2097 (£1,200) to increase screenings for audiences with sensoryimpairments.