The UK's Independent FilmParliament is hosting a forum November 30 at the Insitut Francais in London.Among those expected to debate film policy will be Nik Powell of theNational Film and Television School, John Woodward of the UK Film Council,producer Chris Atkins and author Peter S. Grant.

The forum will featuresessions on "British versus global film culture", the UNESCO Convention,digital exhibition, EU audiovisual policy and audience education.

"This Parliament is anexcellent initiative. We need more debate to achieve a sustainable,independently-minded cinema; to focus support for home-grown production, and topromote maximum collaboration with European partners and initiatives," said NikPowell.

The forum was launched atthe Cambridge Film Festival in 2003 with a focus on lower-budgeted films.

The IFP's patrons andsteering committee members include Ian Christie of Europa Cinemas, David Kellyof the European Co-Production Bureau, Tilda Swinton and Sally Potter.

Supporting organizationsinclude BAFTA, PACT, Performing Arts Lab, Creators Rights Alliance, Associationof Independent Music and Directors Guild of Great Britain.