A new genre-specific online film site, The Film Lounge (www.filmlounge.com), is set for a November launch in the UK, backed by about $6m (£3m) from private investors.

Founder Terry Stone said the site would launch with about 60 independent titles, most of which would be exclusive to Film Lounge.

The unique position of the site will be offer 18-rated films from genres such as horror, true crime, gangster, martial arts, Westerns and action adventure films.

'We'll offer standard definition and high definition streaming and downloads on all viewing platforms,' Stone noted. That includes Internet, mobile devices or games consoles.

For the first three months of operation, the site will charge about $4 (£1.99) for all streamed or downloaded features. Users will review the films and a new pricing structure will then be introduced, for higher-rated films to cost more, up to $10 (£4.99).

'We think the pricing is quite competitive,' added Mike Watson, another partner in the company along with Anthony Nottage.

Stone says the company will commit resources to marketing and advertising the films as well. 'We're not just going to put them on the internet and hope they get downloaded,' he says.

Stoen is an actor and producer through his UK-based company Hanover Films. He has previously worked with director Julian Gilbey, and the first two films confirmed for the site will be Gilbey's previously unreleased first feature, gritty action film Reckoning Day and his second film, BAFTA-nominated Rollin' With The Nines.

'We're in talks with different people, looking for product right now,' Stone says.

If the launch of the genre-specific UK site is successful, the partners said they would like to take the site global and offer all genres of films.