Creative Partnership founder Jim Sturgeon died January 10 after a long illness. Well-known and respected among his peers, Sturgeon co-founded the UK's Creative Partnership with Chris Fowler in 1979 as a 'one-stop shop' to produce trailers, posters, radio and TV commercials for the film industry.

Says Fowler, 'Under his direction, the company became the largest of its kind in Europe. We broke many independent films and new directors, tackling everything from the smallest foreign releases to films like Goldeneye.'

He worked with directors such as Bernardo Bertolucci, Peter Greenaway, Martin Campbell and Mike Leigh. Before he died, Sturgeon passed the company over to Mike Devery, his longstanding producer.

Susie Tullett, of PR company DDA adds:

'Jim Sturgeon became a part of my professional life what seems like a hundred years ago! Together with Chris, their ideas and creativity in capturing the essence of a film pictorially were mind boggling to a young publicist, as I was then (well, younger publicist anyway!!).

Their combined talent, as well as that of the numerous artists who became a part of the 'Creative' team over the years, was renowned and feted the world over. I will also miss Jim's softly spoken humour, his raucous laugh, endless giggles and his will never be quite the same without him.'